New Blog About Quilts

This is a new blog about quilts…all about quilts.

I am an appraiser of quilted textiles, certified by the American Quilter’s Society in 1997.  I have had an interest in quilts for many years, having  collected them, been a charter member of several quilt-related organizations, a founding member of a few, and a member of some others.  I teach and lecture as well, and I used to work in a quilt shop.

The groups’ interests range from traditional new quilts, antique quilts, quilted garments, as well as art quilts.  I make art now.   And I love all types of quilts!

I also am a new author.  My book, Fabulous Tee Shirt Quilts, which was published last year, is about making quilts using tee shirt logos.  These quilts are special to their owners, as they are personal to them, with logos from the tee shirts having special memories for them.  These quilts are something like a scrapbook other than  the best part is that one can sleep under tee shirts quilts, so cozy.  Don’t think anyone’d want to sleep under a scrapbook.

I plan to include photos of quilts in this blog.  We quilt makers are very visual.

“Wonder Women” is my  millennium celebration quilt, made in 2000.  Here it  was exhibited at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2007.  It consists of photo transfers onto fabric of fifty American women who lived during the 2oth Century, women whom I admire.

I realized early on in the project that I could  have only so many photos, because the quilt could  be so large; so I decided not to include women from other countries, or women in show business, because I could not let the quilt get too large.  Each photo on fabric is 4″ x 4″ in size.  The border print has the year “2000” printed in it to commemorate the celebration.

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