Upcoming Exhibit at the V & A Museum

FUTURE EXHIBITIONS at the Victoria and Albert Museum, U.K.


Appliqued and embroidered quilt showing scenes of a love story, 875-85, maker unknown. Museum no. T200-1969

20 March – 18 July 2010

Quilts are valued as objects of solace and comfort, representing warmth, safekeeping, beauty and our ancestral past. As vessels for individual and collective memories, they also document love and marriage, births and deaths, periods of intense patriotic fervour and developments in taste and fashion. The extraordinary variety of each object testifies to the skill of its maker, challenging the assumption that stitching is simply ‘women’s work’.

This exhibition will showcase the V&A’s collection of patchwork and quilted covers to bring together over 300 years of British quilting history, from the spectacular bed hangings and silk coverlets of the 18th century, to the creative reinvention of the quilt by contemporary artists.

Each quilt has a unique story to tell, revealed under the broader themes of consumerism, luxury and utility, creativity and confinement, taste, the domestic interior, travel, national and regional identity, and commemmoriation. …. as per the web site:


If you’re planning a trip to U.K. during the exhibit, you’ll want to get to the V & A Museum!

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