Birmingham Museum of Art’s “Fabric of Life: African Textiles & Quilts From the American South”

The exhibit will be on until March 1, 2009, at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, Alabama.

Lisa Stewart prepares for the “Fabric of Life” exhibit.

For more information, go to the Museum’s   site:

Faith Ringgold: Story Quilts & More Now at the Danforth through March 1, 2009

There’s  info about Faith Ringgold’s exhibit on the Danforth  Museum of Art’s website:

“Faith Ringgold : Story Quilts,”  is  on exhibit through March 1, 2009.  See:


Jeanne Williamson  curated  the contemporary show, “Mixed Media Fiber Art”,  which includes still life, landscapes, interiors, and portraits, by thirteen artists who work with fiber.  Check her blog:

Linda Levin, Central Park West Sunset, 2008

Linda Levin‘s “Central Park West Sunset”

The exhibit is on from January 7 – March 1, 2009.

. and ….

“Sedrick Huckaby: A Love Supreme” is also on exhibit through March 1, 2009.

Sedrick Huckaby, A Love Supreme

artist’s photo,  oil on canvas

Sedrick Huckaby paints quilts to celebrate both his grandmother’s quilt making and the African American quilting tradition.    Visit this site for more info:

The Danforth Museum of Art is located in Framingham, Massachusetts.