Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis Show October 23 -24, 2009

The exhibit of the Quilter’s Guild of  Indianapolis, Inc. is set for October 23 – 24, 2009, at the Westfield Middle School in Westfield, Indiana ( a community just north of Indianapolis).  There will be more than 400 quilts on display.   This is a big guild with more than 400 members….so much talent.  For hours and other info, see the site:


I will be one of the two featured artists at the show this year.  There will be vendors, a food court, and auctions as well as a boutique.  I will be there selling my book also,  Fabulous Tee Shirt Quilts. The show price is $20.


This is the 2007 Best of Show quilt by Lynette Reynolds.

2007 Best In Show - Lynette Reynolds

For the last show, the food was delish!  The quilts were beautiful and there were so many!   Eye candy!  I bought a small quilt at auction.  I am looking forward to a great event!
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  1. Krista Wagner

     /  July 26, 2010

    I am a nurse at Wishard Hospital on the Women’s and Children’s Unit. I work with another nurse in maintaining our bereavement program. Over the last two years, we have received some beautiful lap quilts that we use for all of our patients who are experiencing the loss of a pregnancy. When we receive the quilts, there is never a note letting us know who brought them to us, but we were told that they come from the “Quilt Guild”. Is that this group? If so, THANK YOU! We love the quilts and use them up very quickly!

    • Hi Krista,
      It is probably the Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis. many members make and contribute: preemie quilts, charity quilts, knit hats for cancer patients, etc. I will check on this for you and get back to you.

  2. Krista,
    It is not the Quilters Guild of Indianapolis. I asked the president about it, and she said that the quilts given to Wishard are not from their group.
    Perhaps it is one of the quilt bees in Indianapolis. There are many.
    Next time they deliver some, find out who made them. There are many generous and thoughtful people out there, quilters being some of them.


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