Pennsylvania’s “Quilts in the Mansion II” Exhibit in Churchtown, “Layers: Chester County Quilts #3,” Along With New AQS Lancaster Show

If you are starting to make your plans to attend the new AQS Show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania,   March 24 – 27, 2010,  you may want to plan to include two other exhibits in the area that are on during that time.   They are:

“Quilts In The Mansion II”  is the second exhibit of a collection of  50 antique quilts dating from the 1800s to 1950 at Historic Poole Forge in Churchtown, Pennsylvania.  The quilts can be viewed Monday, March 22,  through  Saturday, March 27, 2010.   The new American Quilter’s Society show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania,  will be held while the “Quilts in the Mansion II” exhibit is on.

While the website has no information about the “Quilts in the Mansion”  show, you can see a  picture of the mansion and get other information about the site —



While in the area, you can see this plus  a special quilt exhibit at the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum (in addition to their Amish quilt exhibit), and  “Layers Chester County Quilts # 3”  at the Chester County Historical Society.

For more info, the historical society’s web site is:
This is the third rotation of antique quilts that is set for February 25 through September 11, 2010.  About 50 quilts will be shown.   Currently, the info available is at

A lot is going on during that time!



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  1. Information regarding the upcoming quilt show has been added to our website.


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