“Tactile Color” Exhibit on at Ohio State University’s Urban Arts Space, Columbus, Ohio, Through February 6, 2010

Sarah Barker has  her “Tactile Color” exhibit, with quilted versions of oil paintings on canvases,  which is on through February 6, 2010,  at the Ohio State University Urban Arts Space in Columbus, Ohio.

Barker developed a system that assigns six fabric textures to colors: satin for red, wool for blue, velvet for green, flannel for yellow, taffeta for orange and linen for purple.     White is represented by cotton with soft cotton batting, while black is the same cotton cloth over hard cardboard with no batting.

She created touchable fabric interpretations of some of the world’s best-known paintings.

Blind or visually impaired art patrons experience color by feeling the various fabrics. Light and dark shades are signaled by the amount of batting.

For more info, see: http://www.columbusdispatch.com/live/content/arts/stories/2009/10/07/1A__BLIND_ART.ART_ART_10-07-09_D1_S1F9O3M.html?sid=101

<p>Sarah E. Barker sews quilt versions of paintings such as the van Gogh work Starry Night, using fabric and batting as color codes.</p>

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