“Contemporary Broderie Perse: an Elegant Revival” at New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts, through October 17, 2010

Contemporary Broderie Perse: An Elegant Revival, is an exibit of modern-day broderie perse interpretations that is at  the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts, through October 17, 2010.  The exhibit consists of 30 contemporary broderie perse quilts that are  on loan and 9 antique examples from the Museum’s collection  to familiarize viewers with the style and its history.

Info about the exhibit is at: http://www.nequiltmuseum.org/museum/current_exhibition.html

The home page for the Museum:  http://www.nequiltmuseum.org/index.html

Tree of Life Quilt Barbara Barber

Photo is the Museum’s.