Online Slides of Alliance for American Quilts – “New Quilts from an Old Favorite” & Online Auction Begins October 25, 2010

The winners of the Alliance for American QuiltsNew Quilts from an Old Favorite have been announced and The Quilt Show has the winners.  These quilts are only 16″ square and the theme of the contest was “New from Old.”

The fourteen award winners’ quilts are shown on this Smilebox presentation from The Quilt Show:

The quilts will be  auctioned off  on Ebay.  To learn more about the quilts’ tour, visit the AAQ site at:

Auction dates are:

Auction #1: Monday, Oct. 25 – Monday, Nov. 1 2010
Auction #2: Monday, Nov. 8 – Monday, Nov. 15 2010
Auction #3: Monday, Nov. 15 – Monday, Nov. 22 2010
Auction #4: Monday, Nov. 29 – Monday, Dec. 6 2010

Thirty-nine more slides  in a second Smilebox slide show presentation from The Quilt Show are  here:

30. “Redotwo Ten” byYvonne Porcella*                                                          Photo is the AAQ’s.

The 117 quilts can be seen at:

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