The Quilt World’s Loss of Ardis James

News was received  of the passing of  Ardis Butler James on July 7th in Stamford, Connecticut.  She  was  one of the  greatest ladies of the quilt world.

She and her husband, Robert, were to be inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame at the Marie Webster House in Marion, Indiana,  July 16, 2011,  for the Quilters Hall of Fame’s annual celebration. Ardis passed away before the  event at age 85, and, as a result, her life was celebrated during the Induction Ceremony .

Ardis and Robert have done so much for the quilt world with their quilts and promotion of quilt history and the formation of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, in 1997, where there are currently more than 3,500 quilts.  The Center has the largest public quilt collection in the world!  When the James’ established the Center, they donated almost 1,000  quilts from their personal collection. Presently the Center has nearly 1,100 of their quilts, both antique and contemporary.

The New York Times had an article

A six quilt slide show as part of the online article:

For more info:

I received a message from Karen Alexander, who is the past president of TQHF, and she provided the blog where one can get updated info about Ardis James:

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  1. We have indeed lost a great lady in the quilt world and a very signifcent knowledgeable patron. A story of Ardis and Robert’s indcution will be posted to the TQHF blog within the week. Please visit our blog to read that story and more.

    Karen Alexander
    Past TQHF President
    TQHF Blog Author


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