Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Online Presentations of Quilts and Wearable Art from Pacific International Quilt Festival, October 2011

The Quilt Show presented this Smilebox slideshow of  some of the quilts from the Pacific International Quilt Festival 2011, which was in October.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Here are some of the entries in the Wearable Art competition.    To see the winners from this year’s competition, click here.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

These Smilebox slides are from The Quilt Show.  My friend, Birgit Schueller, has several slides of her Winning Best of Show garment, ” Chocolate Orange Cocktail” in them.


“A Quilter’s Journey:” Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis Show, Westfield Middle School, Westfield, Indiana, October 28 & 29, 2011

The Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis presents  “A Quilter’s Journey,” its biennial quilt show Friday & Saturday, October 28 and 29, 2011, from 10AM to 5PM at Westfield Middle School, Westfield, Indiana.

Over 400 quilted items, including contemporary, art, garments, and traditional, will be on display.

Quilt appraisals will be Friday, with Caryl Schuetz, appraiser certified by American Quilters Society and a member  and past president of Professional Appraisers Association of Quilted Textiles.  Appraisals are by  appointment and walk -ins are welcome as time is available.

Lectures  and demonstrations will be on both days. Caryl Schuetz will present a talk about quilts on Saturday at 10:30am.

There will be a vendor area with  fabric, sewing machines and craft supplies.

A food court serves lunch  and snacks.

Saturday will feature a small quilt auction  at 2pm.   Many of the small quilts were made by nationally known quilters.

Welsh Quilt Exhibit: “Oh That Summer Would Last Forever” at Jen Jones’ Welsh Quilt Centre, Lampeter Ceredigion, Wales UK through October 29, 2011

There is an exhibit of Welsh Quilts “Oh That Summer Would Last Forever” at Jen Jones’ Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter  Ceredigion,  Wales, UK, until October 29, 2011.

Here is info about the exhibit:  http://www.jen-jones.com/QuiltCentre/2011_Exhib.html

Plus you can see quilts from the 2010 and 2009 shows:

The 2010 show: http://www.jen-jones.com/QuiltCentre/2010_Exhib.html

2009: http://www.jen-jones.com/QuiltCentre/2009_Exhib.html

2011 Exhibition

Photo is the Centre’s.

An exhibition catalog is available for the exhibit.

“Quilt Code” Removed from Nashville, Tennessee, Project

Ever since the book, Hidden in Plain View was published about eleven years ago, there has been much discussion about a “quilt code.”  The story was debunked; the code is myth, but unfortunately, many schools teach it as fact in the US.

The City Paper in Nashville, Tennessee, has this article dated September 29, 2011,  “Metro ‘quilt’ art draws national scrutiny for historical inaccuracy ‘ at: http://nashvillecitypaper.com/content/city-news/metro-quilt-art-draws-national-scrutiny-historical-inaccuracy

That article refers to this one published January 23, 2007, in the  New York Timeshttp://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/23/nyregion/23quilt.html?scp=1&sq=quilt+code&st=nyt   “In Douglass Tribute, Slave Folklore and Fact Collide.”

In both instances the two cities had planned to use taxpayer money to construct artwork featuring the quilt code, but quilt historians informed the powers that be that the code is a myth and not fact; it’s a great story.    New York went ahead and completed their project,  but without the quilt code as part of it.

Now Nashville finds itself in a similar situation; the art would continue to have a quilt theme, but will no longer commemorate the Underground Railroad.

It’s apparent that as long as schools continue to teach the quilt code as part of US history, unknowingly, these kinds of activities will continue to occur.   Will the historians “fix’ them all before tax money is used to promote fiction?

Art Exhibit at Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, through October 23, 2011

Clowes   Hall at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, has a juried exhibit of art until October 23, 2011, and I have a piece in it.  Susan Rizzo also has a quilt in it.

I always love it when galleries and other venues have juried art exhibits and they include quilts as art……makes my day!

“A Quiet Place” by Caryl Schuetz

The exhibit is free and is open during the Hall’s hours and evenings during performances.

“Why Quilts Matter: History, Art, & Politics” Online Image Resources for all Episodes

You can go to: http://www.whyquiltsmatter.org/welcome/image-resource-guides/

to get the resources to every episode of “Why Quilts Matter: History, Art, & Politics.”

I had earlier posted the following  about the series (except for my local PBS station, which I just added.):

The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc., has created “a nine-part documentary series titled Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics. The series takes a fresh look at quilts and spreads the word about their unique position at the center of a startlingly broad grid of topics, ranging from women’s studies to the contemporary art market.”  as stated on their site: www.whyquiltsmatter.org/welcome/about-the-series/

You’ll need to check your PBS schedule for Fall 2011 to find out when this series will be available in your area. Unfortunately, where I am located, our PBS station has not scheduled this series, nor do they plan to do so.  Very disappointing!

Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics - Episode 4 - What is Art?