Another Car Quilt Theft!

March 24, 2012

Karen Combs’ quilts were stolen during the night  on March 16th from the back of her rental SUV which was parked at a hotel in New Braunfels, Texas.  You can go to  the lost quilt web site, where there are some pictures

The police  stated the break-in looked like it was  professional and was probably a “smash and grab” with the thief not knowing what was in the suitcase and of course,  then finding that was nothing of value to the thief.  But, very valuable to the owner!  Many hours of work and creativity and thought went into the contents of that suitcase.  How terrible for Karen!

This type of crime is committed more frequently today than ever.  Think about what you leave in your car.  Be careful.  I do not leave quilts in my car, nor anything else of value, but definitely – never quilts.  As a quilt appraiser I hear of losses more than you would imagine.

Let’s hope that Karen’s full suitcase or the contents turn up soon.

The black suitcase contained quilts for her Patchwork Illusions class, along with teaching supplies and demo items.  The quilts are original designs. They are labeled with Karen’s name and address. The labels are sewn on the back, and could easily be removed.

Here are photos of two of the missing quilts:

Photos are from

Ribbon Cube by Karen Combs
Light Crystal by Karen Combs
You can  visit her blog: .
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