International Quilt Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio, Now through April 13, 2013

April 12, 2013

A friend and I went to the Festival for the preview Wednesday night and back to the show yesterday morning.    The show is wonderful!  The quilts are fabulous!  Driving on I-74 is so easy; no heavy traffic on this freeway.

There aren’t crowds of people for the preview, making it easy to see all the quilts and photograph them without having to wait to get a close up view or an open view to take a photo.  That’s why I like to see all the exhibits first, and then go shopping.  It’s still a difficult decision, “Should I see the quilts or should I shop at the vendors first?”   Hmmm……

If you haven’t been, I strongly recommend that you attend this show.  You won’t be disappointed!


Go to this link to see quilts from the “Tactile Architecture” special exhibit at the show:

“Tactile Architecture” is one of the special exhibits that first opened at the IQF in Houston last Fall, and it is traveling with the other special exhibits to all the IQF Shows through the year: Cincinnati, Chicago, Long Beach.

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