Easy Machine Quilting Tutorials with Lori Kennedy

May 22, 2016

Lori Kennedy has machine quilting tutorials at her site:  http://theinboxjaunt.com/quilt/free-motion-quilting-tutorials/

Here is Lori Kennedy’s easy machine quilting designs for filling in backgrounds:  http://weallsew.com/fast-easy-machine-quilting-fills/


Image result for machine quilting photos





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  1. Karen Kingzett

     /  March 2, 2018

    I just purchased Free-Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 and I love it. I just finished piecing a quilt with novelty garden fabrics and coordinating pieces from my stash. I didn’t follow a pattern. I just put it together the way I wanted. I used the book for ideas to quilt various sections . I also used her ideas combined with free motion I already know how to do. In larger parts I used a fixion pen to enlarge some motifs to make sure I filled the space. If I didn’t like the result, I just ironed it away and tried something else. The possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas.


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