“Kaleidoscope: Kentucky Museum Quilts,” Kentucky Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky, through December 18, 2018

April 22, 2018

Kaleidoscope showcases thirty rarely seen or previously unseen quilts. Made in twenty-eight different patterns, they range in age from the 1820s through the 1970s. While many of these quilts illustrate high levels of artistry, others are less accomplished in their execution. Regardless of the skill level involved, they illustrate many of the quiltmaking  techniques and patterns represented in the collection and are part of the rich cultural tradition of quiltmaking in Kentucky that extends back more than 200 years.
One of the highlights of the exhibition is the first public display in Bowling Green of the circa 1880 Kentucky Sun Quilt.  The symbol of the Kentucky Quilt Project’s landmark exhibit and book, Kentucky Quilts: 1800-1900, the acquisition of this remarkable textile was made possible by the generosity of the Board of the Kentucky Quilt Project as well as monetary contributions from the Board of the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society, the Ridley Group of Wells Fargo Group, KHQS members, and numerous private citizens.
See more examples from the Kentucky Museum’s quilt collection in KenCat, our online catalog.

Title for Kaleidoscope: Kentucky Museum Quilt Exhibit


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