“Innovations in Textiles” Events in St. Louis, Missouri, through November 2019

August 25, 2019

Innovations in Textiles in St. Louis, Missouri

Forty-five art galleries, organizations, and museums in the St. Louis metro area have come together to participate in “Innovations in Textiles STL 2019“, a huge quadrennial event dedicated to bringing cutting-edge fiber arts to the St. Louis area. This year, they have partnered with Surface Design Association which will hold its “Beyond the Surface” biennial conference in St. Louis in October.

Hollie Regalo – Metastasis (photo via innovationsintextilesstl.org)

“Innovations in Textiles” began in August and will continue through November 2019. The events include receptions, open houses, workshops, lectures, artist and curator gallery talks, studio tours, a bus tour, and other community programs. The exhibitions include “Quilt National ’19” which opens on October 4.