“To Honor and Comfort: Quilts of Valor,” National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky, through November 11, 2015

The “To Honor and Comfort: Quilts of Valor” exhibit offers an emotional testament to the wounds American military personnel bring back from the fields of conflict. The exhibit runs until November 10th and wraps up with an event on Veterans Day, November 11, with a ceremony to award the quilts to deserving veterans and service members.

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. The Quilts of Valor Foundation was started in November 2003 by Catherine Roberts with the goal of making quilts that would both heal and comfort our war wounded. These quilts are called

Quilts of Valor (QOVs). Wounds that qualify are those that are both seen and
unseen. Chaplain John Kallerson suggested using the phrase “touched by war” as a way of identifying recipients.
“Veterans and active duty military personnel have performed a courageous service for this nation,” says National Quilt Museum CEO Frank Bennett. “The Quilts of Valor participants perform a meaningful and wonderful service for those ‘touched by war.’ We’re proud to host this exhibit and play a part in spreading the word about this exceptional program.”
More information about Quilts of Valor Foundation can be found at QOVF.org
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Tips, Tricks, and Techniques with Julie Cefalu: Binding Basics 1 and 2 Tutorials

 August 25, 2015

Join Julie Cefalu for her tips on binding a quilt.  She shows you tips and techniques for bindings in Part 1, and  how to make that perfect mitered corner on your binding and  how to join the ends of your binding using a 45-degree angled seam in Part 2.

Part 1:  http://thequiltshow.com/learn/classrooms/video/latest/julie-cefalu-tips-tricks-amp-techniques-binding-tips-1









Part 2: http://thequiltshow.com/learn/classrooms/video/latest/julie-cefalu-tips-tricks-amp-techniques-binding-tips-2










Go to Julie’s classroom for more tips, tricks, & techniques.

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Sisters Quilt Show 2015 Teacher Quilts

August 21, 2015

Here are photos of the teacher’s quilts from the Sisters 2015 Show:  http://johnandrsn.jalbum.net/Sisters%20Teacher%20Tent%205/#

Sue Spargo “The Jester”

This is from “Albums by John Anderson” at  http://johnandrsn.jalbum.net where there are other quilt albums.

“Seasonal Palette,” J Wayne Stark Galleries at Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, through October 4, 2015

August 14, 2015

Seasonal Palette is at  J Wayne Stark Galleries at Texas A & M University in  College Station, Texas,  through October 4, 2015

Barbara Confer – “Canopy”

Thirty-seven artists were selected to create art quilts celebrating the seasons. The resulting pieces, all sized at 78” tall and 32” wide, create a unique exhibit that moves us through the seasons using texture, light, color, and masterful design.

J. Wayne Stark Galleries at Texas A & M:  http://uart.tamu.edu/visit-stark