World War II Quilts from Sue Reich’s Collection Stolen!

This is the message from Sue Reich, author of World War II Quilts, about her four stolen quilts that are a part of her WWII quilts collection plus another quilt.

The World War II Quilts were at the Asheville quilt show the first weekend of August.  I am pained to report 4 of them have been stolen.  The empty trunk was delivered to FedEx in New Jersey and there it sits.   Despite all of the precautions I take at sending quilts, they were not properly returned in a secure manner.  Three of the four trunks fortunately returned safely but none were taped and garbage bag ties were used instead of the locking plastic ties.
The trunks did have tracking numbers and were sent second day delivery but it still took me nearly one week to finally determine the status of the missing trunk.  The quilts disappeared somewhere between Charlotte and New Jersey.

Here is a list of the missing quilts.
1. Navy Insignia quilt in the Winter blue.  It’s condition was excellent.
Pg. 122 of World War II Quilts.
2. The wholecloth Canadian Red Cross Quilt.  Slightly faded.  Pg. 145 of World War II Quilts.
3. The Night Shift Workers Quilt.  It’s condition was excellent.   Pg. 15 of World War II Quilts.
4. The Hazleton Fund Raising summer quilt.  (This is the quilt I recently wrote about from the Vermont Quilt Festival.)  It’s condition was excellent.   Pg. 135 of World War II Quilts.
Lastly was the sweet Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, I use as a table cover.

These quilts are very distinctive and recognizable.  Hopefully, the thief will not be very smart and will get them to the open market and soon.
Please know that I will appreciate any and all help in getting the quilts returned.    My address and telephone number were on the sleeves of each quilt but they are easily removed.

We now know that they were stolen in the Fed Ex facility in Keasbey, New Jersey, on August 11th, so they may still be in that area or elsewhere in the Northeast.

Please be alert and on the lookout for these quilts.

There are photos of some of the WWII  quilts that were stolen at this site near the bottom of the page:

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